Supporting Mental Wellbeing in the community

Together with the excellent crew at 'Your Living City' I am developing a series of articles about transitions and change from an international, professional and also personal perspective. 

As I make the move back to Sweden from Holland, I share my hopes and fears, as well as the mental-health hacks that keep me sane. Eventually these topics will develop into shared experience workshops and talking circles. I hope the articles inspire you on your own journeys, be they on the inner or the outer plane.

If you are curious about by anything that I write, or if you have your own subjects you would like me to cover, then please feel free to contact me. 


If you have the misfortune of landing on the Polderbaan at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, it will take at least another 20 minutes of taxiing before you truly arrive at the terminal. If you’re not prepared, those twenty minutes can feel incredibly frustrating; landed but not yet arrived. And in the same way, I may have proverbially ‘landed’ in Sweden back in December, but the arrivals terminal still seems very far away.

Looking back on previous country moves, I know that it takes at least four seasons to feel you have truly arrived. And while I write those words, I feel the impatience for wanting to get there sooner, bubbling away below the surface.

Rather than get frustrated by the feeling of still taxiing towards my proper arrival ‘back’ in Sweden, I try to enjoy the slower ride. But patience is a virtue. High expectations combined with a lack of patience, make for an exhausting cocktail. While I know from experience that there is an indeterminate time lag between landing and arriving, this ‘second time around’ arrival has confused me into underestimating the energy it takes.

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